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    I have known Joan Zaro for 32 years and have worked with her in a wide variety of capacities.  Without doubt, she is one of the most able leaders I have ever seen in action.  She has complete command of all of the knowledge, skills, and abilities that it takes to succeed in executive positions in contemporary organizations.  She understands strategy, operations, organizational finance, human resources, and the other major administrative disciplines.  She truly excels at the arts of strategic influence and comprehending the political and interpersonal dynamics of work and executive groups and governance committees and boards. 

    Joan is the best professional I know for the ability to determine not only what is going on at the top of organizations but also for creating unique and effective answers for the complex problems that are ever present at that level.  I have watched her mentor and develop hundreds of leaders, and now that she is in her own consulting and coaching practice, I can recommend her unequivocally to anyone needing or wanting a world-class professional to help them solve the real problems of modern enterprises or to develop into an outstanding leader.

         Richard R. Kilburg, Ph.D., CEO,  RRK Coaching and Executive Development

Joan Zaro consistently delivers what she [is] asked to deliver.  She understands governance, both politically and operationally, and has seen so many ‘case studies’ that nothing could surprise her.  She brings a systematic and thoughtful analysis to each situation, offering guidance that allows young and seasoned leaders to find the way forward to productive solutions for their organizations.  I have worked for her and appreciate her mentoring; I have also hired her for work now that I serve as a chief executive, and will do so again.
Lucinda Maine, PhD; Executive Vice President and CEO; American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy

    Joan is an astute observer of dynamics of situations, excellent at "reading between the lines," and skilled in complex situations involving both leadership and staff; she has provided invaluable, nuanced counsel.  She is superb at advising staff and leaders in complex organizational issues in a manner precisely appropriate to their circumstance.  With staff, Joan demonstrably added to their skills; with members, her assistance enabled them to work effectively with staff and to shine.  
Her ability to listen deeply on many levels, to digest, and then to offer her thoughts in constructive and non-threatening way is unexcelled.  The Endocrine Society completely revamped our governance structure under Joan’s direct leadership.  She has coached staff, following her employ, to great effect.

        Scott Hunt, Executive Director and CEO, The Endocrine Society

Joan brings decades of experience as a leader and manager to your table.  She is a great listener and a fabulous facilitator.  Joan will help you to solve problems, achieve strategic objectives and push you beyond where you can go yourself.
        Mark R. Ginsberg; Dean, George Mason University.  Former National Association Chief Executive Officer

    If you are seeking counsel from someone who offers exceptional integrity, skillful guidance, and effective results, Joan Zaro is the person you want.  She an extremely perceptive and thoughtful advisor who delivers on-target career guidance. You can count on Joan to be sensitive and perceptive but also very realistic.

    Joan is also an exceptional strategic planner and association governance advisor.  She quickly establishes the credibility and rapport association staff and with volunteer leaders needed to guide solutions to touchy or difficult organizational problems.  As someone who has known Joan for over 30 years, I can strongly recommend her coaching and consulting services.

         Robert A. Fulcher, CAE; Senior Manager, Healthcare Business Unit; SmithBucklin

I have worked with Joan on and off for 20 years, first as a direct report and later as an independent HR consultant.  Her skills as an executive coach are outstanding; she has a natural talent for active listening and asking the right questions to guide executives in problem solving and professional development.  Her years of experience in senior-level organizational management, leadership and governance add to the mix, ensuring a quick understanding of the issues and challenges that executives face daily.  I recommend her executive coaching services without reservation.

        Julie Goodyear, Human Resources Consulting

Joan is an outstanding mentor.  Her unique perspective and expert counsel have been invaluable to me over the years.  I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a top-notch coach.
        Janet B. Kreizman; Deputy Executive Director & Chief Policy Officer; The Endocrine Society

Dr. Zaro, using personality inventory assessment tools and direct, thoughtful questioning helped me recognize habits and actions that were negatively impacting my career.  Joan coached me in developing more effective ways of interacting with my coworkers and re-aligning my behavior to better meet the goals of my employer.  
        Client, manager in professional association










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