Zaro Consulting 
     Coaching & Consultation


     Successful coaching and consulting flow from a genuine, trusting and supportive relationship with the client.  Joan’s involvement always follows the lead of the client, beginning where the client wants to start and going where the client thinks is of benefit, each step involving analysis, collaboration, planning and execution.

Every client brings unique experiences, skills and challenges – some short-term and focused; others longer-term, multi-faceted and strategic.  Joan offers seasoned guidance, skills training, encouragement, and hands-on consulting support tailored to the circumstances and needs of each client.

     She sees her coaching role as a collaborative partner – providing a sounding board for clients’ thinking processes and helping them realize their potential by:

      providing feedback                 maintaining focus and forward movement
challenging assumptions         providing accountability
testing realities                    .   
offering input and alternative suggestions
           above all     serving as a stalwart source of support and encouragement

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